a pretty old sketch


OK. Project done!

ALIGHT from Johanna Czajka on Vimeo.

Hopefully, I will start next animation very soon, shorter this time, but for the time being I have some graphic projects on board.

2nd rough cut

Another rough cut is available to see, including two voices recorded and an impression of music.


relax? inspiration? truth?

As the project is going through the very technical part, I am trying to spend my free time (late evenings) on getting relaxed by watching different movies and animations. As I am giving my self into the project everyday, I want to reload the inner container of the creative energy by associating with the art of a film. My typical day of work in the studio is basically kind of a walk through the frames, repeating images, polygons, curves, points… thus at the end of a day I’m looking for something calming me down. I am aware that I’m not alone with that sort of feelings. Surely every kind of job includes such aspects.

Do you like boring movies? I do, but depends on what we mean by boring movies. Boring or ‘boring’. Boring in terms of a shallow story, predictable plot or ‘boring’ in terms of pace, rythm, timing… Personally, I love ‘boring’ movies. They are much closer to the truth of life than those ones overloaded by speed, dynamic shots and so on. No longer than one week ago I watched a very peculiar film by Jun Ichikawa ‘Tony Takitani’, the adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s short story. Along the piano separate accords, the plot is drawing the line in space and time very slowly, but extremely accurately. Don’t think there is no drama, it is, but seems to be left just for its owner, to live with it alone. Wind, smooth shapes, white surfaces, constant movement of a camera – everything has a subtle meaning. I was filled with all of its purity.

Two days ago, by no exact reason, I watched a documentary about young (very young) prostitutes. I am aware that it’s just little sketch about the truth of their lives. I look at that just for an hour and a half and start feeling the grey ash flower growing inside me, and the essential point is that people live that life more than an hour an a half. I went to the bed with that flower in my stomach. I didn’t feel neither compassion nor sorrow, I just didn’t know what to think. I was dealing with an increasing helplessness, tentatively floating in my blood.

Yesterday I saw a hollywood comedy and nothing am able to write. Simply because I even didn’t laugh.

I lost something during last days, a point of what is the inspiration. Should the truth be an inspiration? Should an inspiration have roots in the truth? I don’t know. I was inspired by Murakami’s story in the cut of Jun Ichikawa. I was blended by young prostitutes’ story. I was bored by hollywood typical lovestory. Is only the truth beautiful? Is the beauty true?

Theoretically, I know the answers, but it doesn’t mean I agree to them. Literally, because I don’t think my heart is beating for theoretical reason.

the project is moving along

Hey dear friends??!! Are you still there? No, you’re not. I know that because of the stats of my blog!

Well. while you are waiting for the final cut, I am working hard, no, not very hard, on each shot to make it smooth and well animated.

If you are interested to see some partly finished in between cuts, go to my vimeo account, please: MY VIMEO ACCOUNT.

the first rough cut

I don’t have a pleasure to show the verY, veRY, VERY rough cut of my animation, but must is must and the progress should be noticable after all. I still have to work on the animation, style, music and so on…

To watch the first version of the movie click HERE or have a look on still images below.

Once upon a time…

I stopped writing my blog. That will… that must change because of one month left. To cover the silence and emptyness I decided to put my real-acting animatic and this weekend I will present the first rough cut of my movie.

[click on the image to go to my vimeo account and watch the real-acting animatic]